What To Do When God Says No?

Over the past week, I’ve felt like God has been saying no to me. No, to my dreams, finances, purpose. But I got a revelation from God that He may be saying no to something right now but he is saying yes to something else that I’m not even thinking about. I have to remind myself that Gods’ plan is better than my own plan. I rather walk in what he has for me than what I THINK I want or need.

When God Says No ….. you have to stand firm in faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. When you’re walking in faith that “no” from God does not mean the same thing it would if you’re not walking in faith.

In faith, “no” means greater opportunity. Don’t take God saying no as He doesn’t care about the things you want, He knows the best place for you to be. His plan for you may not make sense now, but the things you don’t understand help you grow.

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