How To Engage with the Bible Daily?

Reading the bible is a crucial part of our walk and relationship with God. His word gives us strength, guidance and wisdom to take on whatever the world may throw our way. The Bible can sometimes seem complicated filled with words that we don’t use today. But there are some many different versions of His word for everyone to understand. Reading the word of God builds our relationship with Him; its hard to believe in something if you don’t have any information on who they are, that is why we have the Bible. To really be led by God, we have to indulge in his world daily; its like when you had dreams of playing basketball, the only way to get better was to practice and that is exactly what it takes to have a relationship with God, fill your heart with word of God daily.

Methods to connecting with the Word of God daily…

1. Index Cards:

Write your favorite verses on them ( 1 verse for each card ) ; each day as you’re leaving your apartment (house or dorm) or getting out of the car, pick one up an index cards read it aloud and put it in your wallet or purse so you can reference back to it during the day. (This is a really easy way to engaged with His word daily)

2. Bible App:

Utilize the reading plans on the Bible App ( I’m currently reading “The Reset: A 7 Day Devotional”) these reading plans are usually short and can be very beneficial to your busy day. What you read in those devotionals could set the tone for your day and help you efficiently deal with any problems that come up because you started your day with the word of God.

3. Podcast

Lately I’ve been listening to different podcast. Find a podcast that fits perfectly with you; a podcast that can add to your daily life (this week I’ve been listening to Leadership Lean in with Chad Veach). Life moves at such a fast pace but we need to make sure that we are putting God first and including Him in our day, it’s so easy to get caught up in work, school and friends we need to make sure we don’t forget the reason we are able to do all of those things.

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