How Your Perspective Can Change Your Life?

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react.” – Charles R. Swindoll

Google defines perception as a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something. Your perception of what is going on now could be the difference between success and failure in the future. Google defines reaction as an action performed or a feeling experienced in response to a situation or event. This topic of perception hit me while I was listening to “The Good Good Podcast”, episode 3 “Ups, Downs and Turnarounds” which focused on seeing the good in all situations. My belief that God will see me through any situation, helps me to perceive the negative in an optimistic light. 
Where some may see darkness, I see light 

When some may see rain, I see sunshine

My perception of life changed after my first semester in college. I was in a dark dark place. Nothing seemed to be working out. I felt useless and lost. I had no direction. This was the first time in my life where I felt as though I didn’t have it all together. I fell into the comparison cycle, I would see 18-19 year olds on social media doing things that I felt I should be doing. Social media comparison takes away from who you are. I started to mimic what I saw them doing so that I could have the life that they were living. I was trying to walk in their pace instead of finding my own pace. My perspective wasn’t my own. 

January 2018 everything changed. I watched a sermon from Pastor Mike Todd, “The Pace of Grace // Stride Part 3”. This message shook me to my core. The messages’ focal points were stride and pace of grace. Stride means to walk with long decisive steps in a specified direction. Pace of grace is the rate of movement, progress and growth that God sets and supernaturally provides for. This message changed my perspective about my life. Instead of focusing on everything that I felt was going wrong, I begin to shift my focus to everything in my life that was going right. I began to stride in my pace of grace. I wholeheartedly believe that whatever God has in store for my life will come; I just have to remain in Him and trust that he will be by my side during the journey. All of my negatives turned into positives. The way I see life has changed drastically. Every burden I felt has been lifted. 

To answer the question: How your perspective can change your life? 

Negative perspectives can spark self-doubt, unhappiness … overall seeing the worst in everything. It leads to your life being wasted because you won’t allow yourself to see life is a more positive way. Positive perspective leads to a life of unlimited opportunities. When you start to embrace that life isn’t perfect, you find beauty in the struggle. You will be more open to change, the decisions you make will be clear. Your attitude will be better, you will be happy which is the ultimate goal in life.

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