5 Podcasts You Should Be Listening to Every Week

I started to listening to podcast at the beginning and I would say that the change was worth it! Through podcast we are given so much insight into the minds of others and their perspectives on certain topics. Podcast help us to “broaden our horizons”. I hope the podcasts that I share with you will enhance your life as you listen!

The Good Good Podcast

“The GOOD GOOD” podcast hosted by Caden Fabrizio and Maddie Perry creates an open atmosphere with meaningful topics that revolve around their love for Jesus. If you’re looking for a podcast that helps you spiritually..this is the one for you!
Favorite Episode: What is the point? Purpose, Calling, and Mission

WHOA That’s Good Podcast

Sadie Robertson’s positive attitude is one reason you should listen to podcast. This podcast provides meaningful conversation between Sadie and guest who genuinely want to help others live happy and healthy lives. Favorite Episode: Fear of Letting People Down

Leadership Lean In with Chad Veach

If you are interested in leadership this is the podcast for you. Chad Veach, pastor of Zoe church, dives into deep conversation about every aspect of leadership. Some guest appearances on this podcast: Christine Caine, Israel Houghton, Rich Wilkerson Jr. etc. Favorite Episode: Creativity

The Ground Up Show

Matt D’Avella, award-winning filmmaker, sits down with other creatives and discusses how they create in hopes to help other creatives find their path. If you’re looking for a podcast focused on “the process” this is the one for you! Favorite Episode: Productivity

On Purpose with Alex Beadon

This was the very first podcast I listen to in 2019 and it has become one of my favorites. Alex Beadon creates insightful conversation and doesn’t mind discussing the tough topics. The way she connects personally with each topic creates a great listening experience! Favorite Episode: Goal Setting with Intention

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