Top 5 YouTube Channels For Productivity and Self-Development

Erin on Demand

Favorite Video:

Big Takeaway: Cut down screen time, Stronger prayer life, Read 1 hour per day, Stop multitasking, Don’t just save – INVEST, Master routines. Prioritize health


Favorite Video:

Big Takeaway: Patience + Hard Work = Success, Don’t do things with the notion everything will change tomorrow, do things with the belief that when the time is right everything will align

Ryan Sherant

Favorite Video

Big Takeaway: Don’t stress over what you can’t control, focus all of your energy on the things you can control.

Matt D’Avella

Favorite Video:

Big Takeaway: “The more freedom you have, the more self-discipline you’re required to take yourself off the path of least resistance….”

Nathaniel Drew

Favorite Video:

Big Takeaway: “If my sense of self-worth is entirely dependent on what I’m capable of doing right now, I think I’m going to have to face some harsh realities eventually….”

What are some of your favorite YouTube channels to watch that keep you motivated?

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