Ebay Selling Guide: Setting a price


Before choosing an item to sell, search eBay for items that are in high demand. You can find these items in the “Daily Deals on eBay” section. This section shows you all of the items that are selling fast. You can also look on Amazon for items that are in high demand and use that information to find the right price for that item on eBay.

Completed/Sold Feature:

This feature is my go-to for selling items on eBay. When I first started my eBay journey, I sold my items for a price that I felt was fair to the customer (I sold myself short). This feature helps with any unknowns when it comes to pricing. Once you select this feature, you’re able to see the date the item was sold and how much the item was sold for (how much customers are willing to pay for the item). This price can be either much higher or lower than you would expect. This feature helps minimize trial and error.

Example “Ipad 6th generation”:

My eBay page: https://www.ebay.com/usr/brittanhairsto-9

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