Ebay Selling Guide: Posting and Selling the Item

Example: Apple iPad 6th Gen.


This step is self-explanatory. Include as much information as you can with the 80 characters provided in the “Title” section. Make sure your item matches the title.


This is one of the most important sections! Include everything you know about your item. The more information….. the better. Buyers are more likely to buy an item if they have all of the information. You can look up other listings for your item and get information from others as well.


Take pictures of the item from every angle. Take close-ups of any defects on the item. To make the item look clear on pictures, use a white background (I used a thick white poster board as my background when I first started selling on eBay). You can use a white sheet as well. The background gives off a professional look. You can upload up to 10 pictures in this section; take 15-20 and choose your best 10 that displays the item clearly.


The “Description” section is filled in automatically, but you can add anything you think the buyer needs to know about the product.


I don’t personally use the auction feature, but I know that it is useful for fundraisers. I use the buy it now feature because it is faster and automatic. Once someone purchases your item, the money goes straight to your PayPal. I allow offers for items $100 and up.


When you first start selling items on eBay, I would recommend you to let the buyer pay for shipping until you get into a rhythm selling. If you are desperate to sell an item, I would offer free shipping which means that you would pay for shipping.

Click List It and you are on your way.

*After you click list it, a screen will pop up and will ask if you want to promote your item (helps the item sell faster and puts it in front of more people)*

What do I do when my item is bought?

eBay will notify you once the item is purchased, the money will go straight to your PayPal. The next step is printing the shipping label, once that is printed you will need to ship the item between 1-3 business days. You can find cheap boxes at Walmart or you sometimes can find them outside of businesses for free. Be sure to make sure your item is secure in the box. Once you have your item in the box, you can drop it off at your local post office.

My eBay page: https://www.ebay.com/usr/brittanhairsto-9

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