I’ve recently begun listening to podcasts again! An easy way to retain information and learn new information is to listen to podcasts! There is so much value in podcasts (plus they are free to listen).  I have chosen 4 podcasts that I’m going to listen to for the month of July. I want to share my list with you along with my favorite episodes so far! At the end of July, I will post a complete list of my favorite episodes from each podcast along with notes that I have taken while listening! I hope that I can encourage you to start listening to podcasts more or even start your own podcasts! 

Podcasts for July:

Million Dollar Life Lessons – Prince Donnell and Dana Chanel

EP 64: We Have A Problem


Pure Hustle Podcast 

Ep 163: Overcoming Obstacles: Rich Dad Poor Dad Part 3


Earn Your Leisure – Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings

EP 86: Watch The Throne feat Derrick Grace Two


Hustle Sold Separately – Matt Gottesman 

EP 295: How to Build Successful Relationships for the Long Game w/ Armen Keleshian



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