If you are starting your investing journey, you need to research stocks before investing. This is key in making the right decision and getting into a stock at the right price.

Sites to use for research (best site for beginners):

Yahoo Finance

Seeking Alpha

Quantitive Research

A good way to start is to look into the company’s financials. This will give you a clear indicator on whether or not the company is worth investing in. If you are looking for a long term investment, you want to invest in companies who have consistently made money.

Focus on these areas when looking at a companies financials:

Revenue – both operating and non operating

Net income – sales minus cost of goods sold, general expenses, taxes and interest.

Earnings per share (EPS): profitability on a per-share basis

Qualitative Research

“Buy and hold companies that make goods and produce services that you love.” – Elon Musk

Look into a company’s business practices

Sustainability reports (if sustainability is important to you)

Research based on values that are important to you

Invest in companies that you believe in.

Look into where the company ranks amongst their competitors


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