Podcasts are a great way to gain more knowledge about any topic! The podcasts I listen to focus on business, branding and personal development. I listen to these podcasts while I’m cooking, eating, working, exercising etc. In my opinion, listening to podcasts are more convenient than reading books! So if you’re a busy person and you want to find time to gain knowledge about anything I suggest listening to podcasts!

Here is a little homework assignment for you: Choose 1 podcast to listen to for the month of March!

Here are 3 podcasts I loved in February:

Earn Your Leisure

Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings are the hosts of Earn Your Leisure. They give you a behind the scenes financial views into the entertainment and sports industries as well as highlighting back stories of entrepreneurs. Basically they focus on mixing business and pop culture! Earn Your Leisure is currently on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube.

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Favorite Episode: EYL #116 The Maverick feat. Mark Cuban

Battle Ready

A podcast created by father-son duo Erwin and Aaron McManus. Battle Ready is a podcast for the mind, body and soul.

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Favorite Episode: Pain Tolerance & Trust Issues

Journey to Launch

Journey to Launch emerged in 2016 by founder Jamila Souffrant initially as one person’s expedition to reach financial independence. After one year of logging her transformational growth to Financial Independence, the blog piqued the interest of a larger audience which inspired the launch of the podcast.

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Favorite Episode: How To Transition from Corporate America to Entrepreneurship

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