Business Planning 101: Introductory Page (w/EXAMPLES)

As I promised in The Importance of a Business Plan, I will be taking you on the journey of writing your very own business plan! We will be starting with the Introductory Page.

Components of the Introductory Page:

Name of business

When trying to come up with a name for your business focus on the important components of your business. If you are a company focused on helping women apply makeup under 30 minutes… maybe your name will include a synonym for “quick” or “fast” to incorporate that component! Get creative!

Address of business

If you already have a physical address for your business you would put that here. If not, just put the city and state your business will operate out of!


This part is self explanatory. Include all owners of the business. First and last name is okay for this section!

Confidentiality warning

This is the most important part of the Introductory Page! Anyone who receives your business plan will need to sign this confidentiality warning to insure anything written in the business plan is not copied or discussed with other parties without your permission.

You can create a free confidentiality warning at

Nature of financing needs

Here is where you will state the amount you will need to sustain your business. Look at the example below to view how to word this statement!

Business Nature

In this section, give a 1 sentence description of your business.

Table of Contents

The table contents is self explanatory! It is important to include page numbers in your table of contents, so that whoever is reading your business plan can easily navigate through it easily.



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