I love when the products I use help me to stay productive! These products that I am going to share with you today have helped me to be my best self and to create my best works! Here are 4 tech products I loved in February: Apple iPad Pro – 2017 Model I use myContinue reading “4 TECH PRODUCTS I LOVED IN FEBRUARY”


Podcasts are a great way to gain more knowledge about any topic! The podcasts I listen to focus on business, branding and personal development. I listen to these podcasts while I’m cooking, eating, working, exercising etc. In my opinion, listening to podcasts are more convenient than reading books! So if you’re a busy person andContinue reading “3 PODCASTS I LOVED IN FEBRUARY”

The Hard Truth About Manifestation

While reading The 10 Pillars of Wealth this quote stuck out to me: “You can’texpect your life or circumstances or situations to change if you don’t change.” Thissentence took me back to last year when I was thinking positive thoughts andspeaking manifestations into the air. Spoiler alert: nothing changed. I was struggling to understand whyContinue reading “The Hard Truth About Manifestation”

How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is an internal experience of believing that you are not as qualified as others perceive you to be. It’s all in your head and is centered around self-doubt. People don’t understand that self-doubt is more powerful then the effects of other peoples’ opinions about you. You have to do the work within inContinue reading “How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome”

How Can You Make Money? | The 8 Income Streams

There are so many ways to make money in 2021. There is a market for just about anything. Today I want to provide you with the 8 income streams along with examples of each. The 8 Income Streams: EARNED INCOME Earned income is the income you receive from working a job. This income includes wagers,Continue reading “How Can You Make Money? | The 8 Income Streams”