Assets vs. Liabilities

Prior to coming to college I was never taught financial literacy. Everything changed once I took a financial literacy course during my freshman year in college! It created a hunger for me to learn more about financial terms and there meanings. Even though most of these concepts seem simple, I feel that it is importantContinue reading “Assets vs. Liabilities”

4 Important Financial Literacy Concepts For A Millennial

During my second semester of college, I took a financial literacy course “The Importance of Financial Literacy” that has added value to my life. This course has given me the tools necessary to achieve my goal of financial freedom. I want to share with you FIVE important financial concepts that I believe will add valueContinue reading “4 Important Financial Literacy Concepts For A Millennial”

Three SIMPLE Tips to INCREASE Productivity

This past year, I’ve been working hard towards increasing my productivity. As a full-time college student, my productivity is crucial to my success. I like to have that attitude outside of my academic career as well. College is a big commitment, but I have figured out a way to make the most of my timeContinue reading “Three SIMPLE Tips to INCREASE Productivity”