Passive Income Idea: Use Passive Income Apps

If you already earn a paycheck for a 9-5 job or you're interested in creating a consistent income source. This is the post for you! Today, we are going to focus on Passive Income Apps! What is Passive Income? Passive income is income that requires no effort to earn and maintain. However, you may need … Continue reading Passive Income Idea: Use Passive Income Apps

What Is E-commerce? Examples and Benefits

If you ever wondered what e-commerce was or you were interested in starting an e-commerce business this is the post for you! I am going to give you definitions, examples and benefits of e-commerce! What is E-commerce? E-commerce is the buying and selling of good or services via the internet. Types of E-commerce: Business to … Continue reading What Is E-commerce? Examples and Benefits


Reshma Saujani was the first Indian American woman to run for Congress in 2010. During that time, she visited schools and saw the gender gap in computing classes. This is what inspired Girls Who Code.  Girls Who Code is an international non-profit with the mission to close the gender gap in technology and to change … Continue reading WOCINBIZ HIGHLIGHT #4: RESHMA SAUJANI


Annie Malone is considered to be one of the first African American women to be considered a millionaire. She developed a line of non-damaging hair straighteners, oils and hair-stimulant products for African American women. She promoted her products door to door. Annie opened her first shop in St. Louis in 1902. One of her best … Continue reading WOCINBIZ HIGHLIGHT #3: ANNIE MALONE


Suzanne Yoon is the daughter of immigrants who has overcome the tragedy of losing her father to become a successful entrepreneur! Her journey is so inspiring! Yoon is also a board member of many organizations such as Chicago Public Library, HFS Scholars, and the National Philanthropic Trust. Kinzie Capital Partners is a Chicago-based private equity … Continue reading WOCINBIZ HIGHLIGHT #2: SUZANNE YOON