5 Books for Beginner Investors

If you're ready to start investing and are looking for a guide, here are some of the best investing books for beginners. It's important to do your own research before you start investing. I will have more on how to research before investing in the coming weeks. A Random Walk Down Wall Street: The Time-Tested … Continue reading 5 Books for Beginner Investors

How Can You Make Money? | The 8 Income Streams

There are so many ways to make money in 2021. There is a market for just about anything. Today I want to provide you with the 8 income streams along with examples of each. The 8 Income Streams: EARNED INCOME Earned income is the income you receive from working a job. This income includes wagers, … Continue reading How Can You Make Money? | The 8 Income Streams


ROCK DEEP Rock Deep was created by Rocky Parrish, who after years of playing sports developed problems with his feet. This resulted in him wanted to develop footwear that would provide maximum comfort. Rock Deep has a wide variety of shoe styles for men and women, as well as apparel. Instagram LFLS SHOES Founder Eric … Continue reading 3 BLACK OWNED SHOE BRANDS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT!


Having a business plan is essential to any business no matter the industry. Organize your thoughts and put them into a organized plan! I am providing you with a checklist to help you visualize and organize your thoughts! There is also a printable PDF checklist located at the bottom of the post. Introductory Page: Name, … Continue reading BUSINESS PLAN ELEMENTS + PRINTABLE CHECKLIST


Today's FINANCIAL LITERACY LESSON will be focused on BEAR MARKET VS BULL MARKET!(Market is referring to the stock market) Before you invest, it is important that you understand what the market is doing and I hope this post is helpful! BEAR MARKET When a market experiences prolonged price declines Characterized by investors' pessimism and low … Continue reading BEAR MARKET VS BULL MARKET