Annie Malone is considered to be one of the first African American women to be considered a millionaire. She developed a line of non-damaging hair straighteners, oils and hair-stimulant products for African American women. She promoted her products door to door. Annie opened her first shop in St. Louis in 1902. One of her bestContinue reading “WOCINBIZ HIGHLIGHT #3: ANNIE MALONE”


Welcome to Women of Color in Business! We have partnered with Hairston Hustle to highlight and empower WoC entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. WoC entrepreneurs don’t get enough recognition or praise for what they contribute to society! Share these highlights with your family and friends! Here are some statistics: Since 2007, the number of firms ownedContinue reading “WOCINBIZ”


We all have a desire to build new habits, but we fail because we don’t know how to make these new habits stick. In this post, I am going to give you 3 secrets to building new habits. Let’s start at the beginning…. What is a habit? A habit is defined as a settled orContinue reading “THE SECRETS TO BUILDING NEW HABITS”


Podcasts are a great way to gain more knowledge about any topic! The podcasts I listen to focus on business, branding and personal development. I listen to these podcasts while I’m cooking, eating, working, exercising etc. In my opinion, listening to podcasts are more convenient than reading books! So if you’re a busy person andContinue reading “3 PODCASTS I LOVED IN FEBRUARY”

The Hard Truth About Manifestation

While reading The 10 Pillars of Wealth this quote stuck out to me: “You can’texpect your life or circumstances or situations to change if you don’t change.” Thissentence took me back to last year when I was thinking positive thoughts andspeaking manifestations into the air. Spoiler alert: nothing changed. I was struggling to understand whyContinue reading “The Hard Truth About Manifestation”