Hey everyone! I hope this post is finding you happy and healthy. I wanted to share with you guys the apps that help me maximize my productivity. Being more productive has been a journey for me over the past 3 years, but I’m so grateful that these apps make it easier for me to doContinue reading “USEFUL APPS TO MAXIMIZE PRODUCTIVITY”

A Guide To Setting and Achieving Goals

Over the past year, I have been really focused on setting and achieving goals. I don’t know if its the fact that I graduate from college in a year and a half, that has really motivated me to put my goals down on paper and check them off one by one. If you don’t setContinue reading “A Guide To Setting and Achieving Goals”

How To Overcome Procrastination #1: Work Smarter, Not Harder

“WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER”, a concept that I put into action at the beginning of my sophomore year in college. I wanted to be as efficient as possible so that I could focus on my passions. So I devised a plan to follow everyday to get things done. Planning is apart of working smarter, ifContinue reading “How To Overcome Procrastination #1: Work Smarter, Not Harder”

Three SIMPLE Tips to INCREASE Productivity

This past year, I’ve been working hard towards increasing my productivity. As a full-time college student, my productivity is crucial to my success. I like to have that attitude outside of my academic career as well. College is a big commitment, but I have figured out a way to make the most of my timeContinue reading “Three SIMPLE Tips to INCREASE Productivity”