How To Overcome Procrastination #1: Work Smarter, Not Harder

“WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER”, a concept that I put into action at the beginning of my sophomore year in college. I wanted to be as efficient as possible so that I could focus on my passions. So I devised a plan to follow everyday to get things done. Planning is apart of working smarter, if you already know what you have to do then the only step left is to TAKE ACTION.

Lack of planning = Procrastination

No clear cut plan = Unmotivated


Focus on one task at a time.

Today, people strive to be good at everything; but to be efficient and successful focus on managing one skill and perfecting it. This will make work less stressful. No high expectations. You can’t do everything at once, break it down!

No long to-do list…keep it short and simple.

Humans process information effectively in groups of three, so utilize that method when planning your day. Ask yourself “what are the THREE important tasks that I need to complete today?” Don’t cause yourself to check out completely because you’re trying to do every tasks in one sitting. Give yourself a chance to actual get things done.

Make time for “FUN”.

I use “” because everyone’s idea of fun is different. Fun for me is playing with my dog, watching clips of “First Take” Stephen A Smith keeps it real or hanging out with family; your idea of fun might be spending some time by yourself, taking a nap, shopping or whatever you like to do. What I’m trying to get at is having fun is important in being productive; if you just work work work you will experience burnout which will hinder your ability to be productive and grow. When you give yourself time for fun, there will be no need to use “fun” as a reason to procrastinate. Enjoy your life …. but remember your goals and what it will take to accomplish those goals.

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